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Ford Mustang News & Announcements

Shelby Announces Release of 627hp Shelby GT


Ford Announces Release of the GT-350R


The all new 2015 Mustang Roush
Click here for a nice article on specs and options from


Ford Motor Company and Mustang Club of America to Mark 50 Years of Mustang with Twin Birthday Celebrations

  • A celebration of Ford Mustang will take place April 16 through April 20, 2014, to honor 50 years of the iconic car
  • Open to enthusiasts from around the world, the event is so large it will be held at two locations – Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • Fans will enjoy a wide range of events from car cruises to live bands, ride-and-drives, exhibits, celebrities and open-track exhibitions

The celebration of 50 years of Ford Mustang will be so large Ford Motor Company and the Mustang Club of America plan to simultaneously hold it at two locations from April 16 through April 20, 2014. Open to everyone, not just Mustang owners and MCA members, the event will be held at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C. and at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas.

“Working closely with Ford, we want to make the official Mustang 50-Year celebration the most important car event of 2014,” said Ronald D. Bramlett, Mustang Club of America executive director of the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration. “We hope everyone who loves this iconic car will join us to share their personal Mustang story.

“Whether you love modern or vintage Mustangs, Shelby or Boss, racing or cruising, a new fan or have been enjoying the lifestyle for years, we’ll have something memorable for everyone at both locations.”

Charlotte Motor Speedway and Las Vegas Motor Speedway, two of the most prestigious racetracks in the United States, are positioned to allow the maximum number of enthusiasts worldwide to attend the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration. MCA will also organize “Pony Drives” so Mustang owners can travel in an organized group to each venue.

“Mustang enthusiasts are among the most passionate fans in the world,” said Steven Ling, Ford car marketing manager. “These twin events are really for them. We’re proud to be part of this celebration of a car that’s often called the soul of Ford Motor Company.

“Everyone has a Mustang story, and we will give people a forum to express those stories with others who also love this car.”

The original American pony car has been extremely successful for Ford, with more than 9 million sold throughout its lifetime. A key aspect to its success is that the car has always been offered in a variety of configurations, appealing to a wide variety of people.

“One of the highlights at both venues will be a display featuring examples from each of the first 50 model years of Mustang,” said Bramlett. “We’ll include cars released in April 1964 to the latest models out of Flat Rock Assembly Plant.”

Since the Ford Mustang was launched at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, it has become an important part of pop culture. Mustang has more than 3,000 appearances in film and television, plus hundreds of musical references. With nearly 5.5 million fans, Mustang is the world’s most popular automotive nameplate on Facebook.

Always evolving, each new model year of Ford Mustang has been embraced over the decades, offerings people a way to express themselves. Mustang has been a canvas for personalization. From 600-horsepower-plus versions that can exceed 200 mph to the most affordable models that get more than 30 mpg and deliver more than 300 horsepower, Mustang’s universal appeal has made it a symbol of Americana.

Twin celebrations
The tentative schedule for both venues is:

  • Wednesday, April 16 – The first official day of the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration will feature vendors and exhibits as pony drives and members arrive
  • Thursday, April 17 – With April 17, 1964 acknowledged as the official birthday of Ford Mustang, Mustang Club of America will conduct opening ceremonies followed by a host of activities. Fans will enjoy a birthday celebration complete with cake and everyone singing “Happy Birthday.” Track time, Ford ride-and-drives, hot laps and other interactive activities are planned. Car displays, vendors and special exhibits will all be there to celebrate Mustang’s 50th
  • Friday, April 18 – The event will be in full swing with track events such as road racing, drag racing and other interactive driving events. Car displays, vendors and special exhibits will be on hand. MCA will have a themed dinner with live entertainment
  • Saturday, April 19 – Festivities will follow the same pattern as Friday. The evening will feature the Saturday Night Banquet, with guest speakers and entertainment
  • Sunday, April 20 – Easter Sunrise Services will be offered at both tracks. There will be parade laps around both speedways, and other memorable activities and photo opportunities will fill the day. MCA will have closing ceremonies in the afternoon

Details are being formalized for the event. Information will be continuously updated at the MCA website,


Ford has launched its “MustangInspires” media campaign and website, which not only celebrates the Mustang’s 50th anniversary but also serves as a countdown towards the 2015 Mustang (to be revealed on December 5th). The campaign invites Mustang enthusiasts to share their love for the Mustang via social media by using the #MustangInspires hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. Ford is making a big push in social media as we approach the premiere of the 2015 Mustang. A list of Ford social media sites to follow along as we approach the official unveiling.



The 2015 Ford Mustang will be revealed on December 5th!


2015 Mustang Spy Shots - Get the latest on the highly anticipated redesign of the 50th Anniversary edition 6th generation Mustang from


Mustang Connection does a walk around with our Sinister Stang at the 2013 Mustangs at the Queen Mary Show

Mustang Depot's Sinister Stang wins Best Vendor Vehicle at the Mustangs at the Queen Mary Show Sept 22, 2013 in Long Beach, CA


Mustang Depot's Sinister Stang will be on display this year at the Mustangs at the Queen Mary Show Sept 22, 2013 in Long Beach, CA



Mustang Depot's Sinister Stang will be on display this year at the IMAFS Show August 16,17 2013 in Park City Utah



Mustang Depot's Sinister Stang and Rebellion cars will be on display this year at the Fabulous Fords Forever Show April 21, 2013 at Knotts Berry Farm


Mustang Depot's 2010 Rebellion Mustang 08/18/2015

Our 2010 Mustang aka Rebellion will be featured at the Accel booth at the 2012 Barrett Jackson Auction here in Las Vegas.


Mustang Depot Welcomes Mr. Gasket 08/18/2015

Mustang Depot has recently become a Mr Gasket dealer which includes brands like Accel, Lakewood, Mallory and Prestolite.

Look for their product on our website shortly...

Road Test: 2013 Ford Mustang GT

Mustang Depot was a Gold Sponsor for the MCA 2012 National Show in St George Utah 04/26/12. Click here for more pictures.


      2012 Mustang Dream Giveaway

“Mustang Depot Helps Support Our Wounded Veterans And Other Fine Causes”

10/17/11 IRL race car driver Dan Wheldon dies in Las Vegas Motor Speedway race. Click on picture for full story



10/08/11 Left to Right, Kay Kennedy, Jay Jacquemoud, Deen Castronovo and Tasha Jacquemoud


More on the Rebellion Mustang here:

06/22/11 Mustang Depot's 2010 Rebellion GT is featured in the latest edition Aug 2011 of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords on the stands now. Feature begins on page 96.

05/04/11 Mustang Depot has completed it's move into a larger facility at the same address. Only our unit number has changed from Unit 7 to Unit 3.


Sinister made the local News at the Fabulous Fords Forever show at Knotts
(First car that you see in the clip)
April 10, 2011

12/24/10 Our industry has had suffered a dreadful and tragic loss. Joe Gosinski, founder of Chicane Sport Tuning as found dead at his shop in Torrence, CA. The story is developing. Our deepest sympathies to his family and mutual friends...


11/10/10 SEMA show was a big success this year with a 25% increase in exhibitors and a huge increase in attendees as well. Click here for images. Our Pictured here, Stephan Papadakis, Tanner Foust, and our founder Jay Jacquemoud.


11/02/10 Mustang Depot welcomes the SEMA show attendees and exhibitors....


10/11/10 Our 2010 Rebellion GT will be in the Tokico booth #24533 at the SEMA show here in Las Vegas Nov 2-5, 2010....


07/27/10 Left to Right Jay Jacquemoud, Tasha Jacquemoud & Chip Foose SEMA Installation Banquet 2010


07/27/10 Sema Show & Shine was a huge success. Click here for more pictures


07/20/10 SEMA Show and Shine Sat July 23rd, 10a-4p Pasadena Convention Center. The Rebellion Mustang will be in the show. Chip Foose is the Grand Marshal for the show. We hope to see you there...


11/02/09 Mustang Depot Unleashes Rebellion Click here for more info


04/06/09 Our founder had the honor and pleasure of meeting Tasca Racing and family including Bob Tasca III, Bob Tasca Jr, and Carl Tasca shown below. Tasca Racing. A special thanks to Jim King for the introduction.


04/06/09  The Sarge puts down a victory at the 2009 Summit Nationals here at the LVMS Strip We happen to run into Tony Schumacher at a local casino the night before he won the event.


04/06/09 Carroll Shelby releases the Prudhomme Edition Super Snake. Shelby Automobiles has returned to drag racing with a limited edition Prudhomme Edition Super Snake package for the Shelby GT500 Mustang. Carroll Shelby and Don “The Snake” Prudhomme unveiled the program during a private reception at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, Calif. The drag racing inspired 800 horsepower post title package was a collaboration between Shelby Autos and Don Prudhomme, who successfully drove a top fuel car for Carroll Shelby in the 1968 NHRA season...
 Go here for more info.


03/27/09 10th annual Monster Jam NGK Spark Plugs World Finals comes back to Vegas 


03/20/09 Mustang Depot 2009 Charity Cruise-In was a great success. Thank you for your support! Click here for pictures


Mike Maier Wins 2008 SCCA


05/27/08 Our article did make the June 2008 issue of Mustang and Fords magazine. The article is "Lying down on the Job" featuring our install of the TCP Rear Pushrod suspension system.


03/31/08 Mustang Depot hosted a Cruise-In on Friday March 24th 5p-9p in conjunction with the Las Vegas Cruising Association. We were absolutely blown away by the the turn out. This event was a simple cruise-in, all makes and models and we had somewhere between 150-200 cars show up at our door. Free raffle prices and hot dogs kept the crowd going strong. Thank you for your continued support... Here's a couple pictures.


01/24/08 Just notified our TCP Rear Coilover installation article is expected to be in the June issue of Mustang & Fords magazine in a 5 page spread.


01/22/08 Mustang Depot has added a YouTube portal for you to view popular videos posted on Mustang / auto related subject matter. Click here to view latest videos


10/12/07 SEMA is quickly approaching. Oct 30-Nov 2 Click here for more details


10/12/07 The Bright Lights City Cruise is fast approaching. Oct 27-28 under the lights at the Fremont Street Experience. Click here for more details Our booth will be up and our Sinister Stang will be present.


10/12/07 We have improved our search function so you can specify the year / catalog you wish to search in. Simply hit the search button in the upper left corner, then specify to search either "All" or the the specific year range catalog, and enter the search term. This limits the number of hits you will receive and allows you to refine you search.


09/17/07 We've finally moved, our web server has also been moved, so we can finally settle in. The actual physical move turned out to be better than the move of the server. Our server host decided to move locations. This caused a considerable amount of down time on the internet and very slow connection speeds. In turn we, transitioned away from that dedicated server. The services we were receiving from this host after the move was horrible. In the transition to our new server/host, we released our new 2005-Up catalog section Click here that is receiving quick notoriety. Connection speeds should be up to par with the rest of the world again. We appreciate your patience while we were improving our services to you.


09/06/07 Mustang Depot has expanded our catalog offering via the website to include an exclusive catalog for the popular 2005-Up cars. Click here


08/01/07 Mustang Depot has completed the grueling move to our new retail front located at 2510 E Sunset Rd #7 Las Vegas, NV 89120.


06/01/07 Mustang Depot is relocating mid summer to a new retail front located at 2510 E Sunset Rd #7 Las Vegas, NV 89120.


12/18/06 We would like to wish all of our customers a very Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!!


06/19/06 Sinister Stang is heading to Paxton for some prototyping of new products coming up for the early carbureted supercharger systems.


05/25/06 Sinister Stang is featured in the latest issue of Xtreme Mustang Milestones that hit the shelves this month on pages 100-101...


05/04/06 Paxton/Vortech asked for our Sinister Stang to be placed in their booth at the World Ford Challenge in St Louis, MO on May 18-21st. If you're in the area, or already going to the meet, look for it at the Paxton/Vortech booth. We'll be on the Paxton side right next to the new Shelby CS6.


02/28/06 Mustang Depot Local Commercial Clip


01/16/06 Ladies and Stangs shoot


1/10/06   *****Email List**** We are updating our Monthly Specials email list. Click here to subscribe


11/17/05 Holiday Schedule

Closed on 11/24/05 In observance of Thanksgiving Day
Closed on 11/25/05

Closed on 12/26/05 In observance of Christmas
Closed on 01/02/06 In observance of New Years

11/04/05 Carroll Shelby unvails the new CS6 6 cylinder SC Mustang 350hp Click here for pictures


08/11/05 The Gambler 514 is on the cover of the September Issue of Mustang & Fords Magazine.


07/06/05 Our Sinister Stang is featured in the August 2005 Issue of Mustang Monthly.


07/06/05 We have re-initiated our monthly specials emails. If you would like to be notified of our Monthly Specials via email, please go here to include yourself in our emails. Click here


06/01/05 Our Sinister Stang finally got it's first cover with the Mustang & Fords July 2005 Issue.


05/24/05 Mustang Depot's First Annual All Ford Show was held on May 21st, 2005 in front of our facility. Click here for the pictures


04/18/05 New website layout. We've cleaned up the look and feel of our site.


04/08/05 Mustang Monthly shot the Sinister Stang for early fall and the Gambler 514 for Mustang & Fords.


03/02/05  has just featured the Sinister Stang for March 2005


02/15/05  Mustang Enthusiast is releasing their April 2005 issue with a four page spread on our Sinister Stang


02/11/05  Early model Hardware section has been opened and is under construction.


02/02/05   Gambler514 is on display in our showroom. This is the car that was done by Chip Foose and the Overhaulin' crew live at the SEMA show here in Las Vegas.


01/26/05  Scott Drake Enterprises has moved here to the Las Vegas valley. SD is the largest wholesale distributor/manufacturer in the country. This means we have direct access to the largest selection of parts in the country. We send a truck there every morning to acquire freight. What does this mean for you? It means that our fill rate will go up drastically. We're shooting for 90% by the end of March.


07/16/04   We were alerted that some of our AOL customers were experiencing problems with our shopping cart system. As it turns out, AOL had a recent update. AOL customers now have dynamic IP addresses that shift while you surf. Although this is a security enhancement, it created problems for customers who were shopping our site and others with IP address referenced shopping cart systems. As of 07/16/04, we implemented the use of cookies for customers who have shifting IP addresses. This will allow our AOL customers to shop on our site as long as cookies are enabled. We appreciate your business and hope that you enjoy shopping with us here at Mustang Depot. Thank you for your continued support!



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